43rd Ave SE/Sunset Rd

March 2019 Update

Public Works’ Environmental Services staff will work with consultants to conduct environmental studies in support of the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) review. Study topics include: gathering noise measurements for noise impact analysis; determining the presence of streams, wetlands and their buffers; and cultural and historic resources. This work will take place within the public right of way and adjacent properties as allowed by adjacent landowners.  

Environmental Schedule:

  • March - May 2019: Obtain temporary easements for fieldwork
  • May - July 2019: Conduct fieldwork
  • August - September 2019: Prepare draft reports
  • Fall 2019: Public meeting
  • Fall 2019: SEPA determination

Right of way specialist from Snohomish County will be reaching out to some property owners near the project area to receive rights of entry or temporary easements for the studies to be completed. Thank you in advance for your cooperation on these studies.


To provide better access and connectivity between 180th St SE and State Route (SR) 524 / Maltby Road for motorists and pedestrians, Snohomish County Public Works is planning arterial improvements on 43rd Ave SE from SR 524 to Sunset Rd at 180th St SE. Snohomish County is beginning a design study, which will include evaluating improvements to both the rural and urban portions of the 43rd Ave SE corridor.

The project includes widening 43rd Ave SE from SR 524 to 188th St SE to a two-lane rural roadway section. A new public road connection (approx. 1,400 ft.) between 200th St SE and 196th St SE is also proposed. Additionally, the existing concrete sidewalks between 188th St SE and Jewell Rd / 196th St SE are proposed to be replaced with rural pedestrian facilities.

Urban road improvements are proposed for the portion from 188th St SE to 180th St SE. This includes the addition of a new public road connection (approx. 450 ft.) between 43rd Ave SE and Sunset Rd.


The project team has been working hard to develop the design report for this project. The design report includes roadway section, intersection, and drainage alternatives for the project. The draft schedule for this project has been updated and is listed below.

  • 2016-2018: Completed field survey and preliminary design  
  • 2019: Environmental review and community outreach, right of way plan, design
  • 2020-2021: Design, right of way acquisitions, and utility re-locations
  • 2022-2023: Construction

Traffic Impact / Road Closure

Due to the current width of the road south of 188th St SE and rising traffic volumes, Public Works is temporarily closing 43rd Ave SE at 188th St SE to vehicle traffic. The closure goes into effect the week of July 11, 2016 and is proposed to last until improvements are made to 43rd Ave SE. Pedestrian access will still be allowed.

Alternative routes:

  • Residents north of 188th St SE can use 35th Ave SE via 187th Pl SE (a new connection was constructed) to travel south.
  • Residents at or south of 188th St SE should use 196th St SE or Jewell Rd as an alternative route.

For more information regarding the road closure, read the frequently asked questions (FAQ) (PDF).

43rd Ave SE detour map


The proposed design, right-of-way, and construction will be funded by the Snohomish County Road Fund. The county will pursue grants and other funding opportunities to help fund the project as the design process proceeds.

Environmental Review

The county will complete an environmental review of the proposed project area in compliance with the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA).

Public Meeting

Snohomish County Public Works held a public meeting on June 27, 2017 to discuss four projects in this area. The projects were the 35th Ave SE - Phase II, 43rd Ave SE/Sunset Rd, 180th St SE Phase I and II, and 196th St SE/Grannis Rd. Staff was available to answer questions, review proposed improvements, and gather feedback on potential designs.


Other Projects in the Area

In addition to the 43rd Ave. SE project, the county is working on improvements to other nearby corridors including: