Whitehorse Regional Trail

​The Whitehorse Regional Trail is currently opened between the Fortson Mill Trailhead to Darrington and we ask that visitors only utilize this portion of the trail until further notice.

The trail is currently impassible from Arlington to Trafton due to a landslide and will be closed indefinitely until engineers can assess earth movement that is occurring above and below the trail.

Whitehorse Regional Trail Phased Development

Whitehorse Trail Phased Development

​Project Description

Spanning 27 miles between the City of Arlington and the Town of Darrington, the Whitehorse Regional Trail follows the path of the former BNSF railroad through the North Stillaguamish River Valley. The trail meanders through the valley from its junction with the Centennial Regional Trail in Arlington, frequently paralleling SR 530 and the North Fork Stillaguamish River. The backcounty corridor, rewards visitors with picturesque, landscape views of forests, farmland, streams and rivers, and mountain vistas. Currently only a 6 mile portion of the trail from Darrington to Swede Heaven Road is open to the public.

Whitehorse Regional Trail development will occur in three phases.

​Phase 1

Status - Currently Underway or Completed

  • Bridge decking and repair - Underway, 1 bridge still under repair;
  • Darrington Area Slide Repair at 435th Ave NE - on hold for funding;
  • Trafton reconnection and trail rebuild of the missing section east of the Cloverdale Farm - Completed;
  • SR 530 reconnection and trail rebuild at the site of the SR 530 mudslide - Completed;
  • Resurfacing and compaction of the trail surface between the SR 530 mudslide site and the Cicero Ponds - Scheduled to begin Spring 2018.

Whitehorse Regional Trail Phase 1

Whitehorse Trail Phase 1 Site Plan

Phase 2

Status - Acquisition of the Miller Shingle Mill has been completed, and design of the SR 530 Highway crossings is currently underway. Parks has been awarded a grant from Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO) for funding of the remaining projects in Phase II. Currently, the Grant Agreement has not been signed as funding is pending on passage of the Washington State 2018 Capital Budget.

  • SR 530 Highway Crossings Design and Construction;
  • Asphalt Surfacing at Cicero Pond (between SR 530 crossings);
  • Resurfacing and compaction of the trail surface between the junction of the Centennial Trail in Arlington and the Cicero Ponds;
  • Parking Improvements at Miller Shingle, Fortson Mill and Hazel Hole;
  • Beaver damage design and repair at Fortson Mill;
  • Asphalt Surfacing at SR 530 Slide Memorial Site;
  • Resurfacing and compaction of the trail surface between the SR 530 mudslide site (C-Post Road) and Swede Heaven Road.

Whitehorse Regional Trail Phase 2

Whitehorse Trail Phase 2 Site Plan

Phase 3

Status - Future projects will be completed as funding is available.

  • Develop trail connection to Whitehorse Community Park and establish trailhead;
  • Develop Miller Shingle Mill trailhead and fly-fishing museum;
  • Develop trail connection to Squire Creek Campground and establish trailhead;
  • Cultural Resource studies and partnerships with the Stillaguamish and Sauk-Suiattle Tribes for interpretive sites
  • Camping Improvements at the Fortson Mill trailhead;
  • Camping Improvements at Whitehorse Community Park;
  • Camping Improvements at Squire Creek Campground.
All acquisitions, plans and site developments are subject to funding availability and subject to Snohomish County Executive and County Council approval.

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​Project Contact

Amy Lucas, Senior Park Planner (Project Manager)
Snohomish County Parks and Recreation
Email: Amy.Lucas3@snoco.org
Phone: (425) 388-6620