Eligible Employees

Employees who receive a regular appointment and who are employed for 20 or more hours per week are eligible for benefits.

Some temporary employees may receive vacation, sick leave, and retirement benefits. Some temporary and seasonal employees may be eligible for medical insurance, if certain conditions apply.

Eligible Dependents

  • Your spouse or state registered domestic partner. 
  • Children - Your (or your spouse's or domestic partner's) biological, step, adopted, or legally placed child for adoption, court-appointed legal guardianship, a child for whom you (or your spouse or your domestic partner) are required to provide coverage by a legal qualified medical child support order (QMCSO), and who is under the age of 26.
  • Note: Temporary and seasonal employees that are determined to be eligible for benefits, may enroll in medical insurance benefits only and may only enroll their biological and adopted children. Review the ACA Guide (PDF) to learn more.

Documentation of Dependents Eligibility

Employees must furnish documentation with their benefit enrollment forms in order for Human Resources to determine the eligibility of a dependent. The following documentation is required for applicable dependents:

  • Spouse: Copy of certified marriage certificate
  • Domestic Partner. Copy of state registered domestic partnership
  • Biological child: Copy of certified birth certificate or hospital statement of birth
  • Stepchildren: Copy of certified birth certificate
  • Adopted children: Copy of certified Adoption Decree
  • Court-appointed child: Copy of certified court order (with specified end date - if applicable)