Flowing Lake


Construction on the Flowing Lake Park entrance is planned to start mid-September and the park will remain closed through May 20, 2020.

Project Description:

Flowing Lake Park is a highly popular facility, offering water access, day-use amenities, camping, a short hiking trail and gorgeous natural scenery. Due to the high use of this park, a number of improvements are planned over the coming years to improve the current park experience and also expand the recreation opportunities offered.

Recently, work was completed to add ten new campsites to the campground. The additional campsites will help satisfy the demand for camping opportunities and are planned to be located in such a way that will protect the high quality camping experience that Flowing Lake offers. Reconfiguration of the entrance is planned to address traffic back-ups onto 48th and locate Ranger staff within the park entrance.


There was a delay due to COVID-19 however, asphalt will be poured in May and we should be wrapping this project up sometime in July 2020.  At which time visitors will be able to use two lanes of entry to get into the park, with one accessing a drive up window on the Ranger office. Once inside the park, circulation has been simplified (making it easier to figure out where you’re going) and ADA accessible access is provided to the Ranger office.

View of Entrance 5/12/2020

Flowing Lake Entrance 5-12-20


For more information on these projects, please email Sharon Swan.