Lord Hill Regional Park Preferred Plan Update

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Project Contact

Emily Griffith, Senior Park Planner

Snohomish County Parks, Recreation & Tourism

Email: emily.griffith@snoco.org

Phone: 425-388-6620

Updated: April 20, 2021

Spring 2021

The Preferred Plan process is resuming after a pause due to Covid-19. Building from the community and stakeholder input over the last five years, Snohomish County Parks, Tourism and Recreation will finalize updates to the Preferred Plan over the next year. Currently, Parks is working with the selected consultant team to get under contract to support the Preferred Plan process.

We anticipate our next public meeting to be in the Summer of 2021 to share out updates and to hear community input.

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Lord Hill Regional Park is a 1,480 acre park located in central Snohomish County between the cities of Snohomish and Monroe. Set in former timberland, the park offers users 32 miles of trails where park visitors can traverse uphill and downhill through the forest passing wetlands and ponds scattered within the park. The park is popular with hikers, runners, equestrians, mountain bikers, bird watchers, orienteering groups and native plant enthusiasts.


Project Description

Lord Hill Regional Park is a gem within the Snohomish County Parks system, one that we are looking ahead to preserve in light of our changing climate and growing population within the County and the region. As a regional park, Lord Hill is shared between many different recreational uses and we recognize there are opportunities to optimize the trail system of the park to improve user experience and safety. Lord Hill Regional Park is also mostly natural area, and Parks is committed to preserving critical areas and habitat throughout the park.


Building from the Master Plan originally published in 1988 and updated in 1996, Parks is looking to update our Preferred Plan for the park which includes an official trail plan, wayfinding signs and posts, detailed maps, and expanded parking solutions. Working with a study group of stakeholders representing the various local user groups, a shared-use conceptual plan will be refined through this process and will serve as the basis for the official trail plan. Parks will continue to work with the Study Group on establishing the trail system designations and placing signage and maps throughout the park.


Preferred Plan Goals

  • Preserve the natural areas and character of the park
  • Support a positive, shared recreational experience among multiple user groups
  • Update the park to accommodate its capacity and role as a regional park while preserving the environment
  • Improve safety throughout the park through trail design and improved wayfinding for park users and emergency services

Projects Completed

  • Springboard single track trail re-route completed by the Everett Mountaineers.
  • Wayne’s World trail re-route completed by the Snohomish County Trails to Success program. Re-opened as a Hiking Only trail to prevent additional Critical Area degradation.
  • Pilchuck Audubon Society performed and published the results of the Lord Hill Regional Park Bird Blitz. Parks is currently working on adding results to project map.
  • Washington Native Plant Society completed plant surveys and has submitted spreadsheet results to Parks Staff for mapping.
  • Equestrian By-pass to the Beaver Trail has been constructed by Friends of Lord Hill Park and schedule to open late Fall 2017.
    Tester Road entrance, log yard and southern trails temporarily secured. Parks to install permanent gates and fencing Fall 2019.
  • All acquisitions, plans and site developments are subject to funding availability and subject to Snohomish County Executive and County Council approval.