Lord Hill Regional Park Site and Management Plan Update


Lord Hill Regional Park is a 1,480 acre park located in central Snohomish County between the cities of Snohomish and Monroe. Set in former timberland, the park offers users 32 miles of trails where park visitors can traverse uphill and downhill through the forest passing wetlands and ponds scattered within the park. The park is popular with hikers, runners, equestrians, mountain bikers, bird watchers, orienteering groups and native plant enthusiasts.

A Master Plan for Lord Hill was first published in 1988 and updated again in 1996. Parks is looking to transition this Master Plan into a Site and Management Plan which will establish the trail system plan and include future improvements such as expanded parking options and restrooms. Drafting the Site and Management Plan will entail that Parks undergo multiple land use studies such as Critical Area delineation, geo-tech analysis and traffic impact studies. 

​Project Description

Parks is looking to establish a site and management plan for the park which includes an official trail plan, wayfinding signs and posts, detailed maps, and expanded parking solutions. Under the preferred plan, 11.2 miles of multi-use trails will traverse and loop through the entire park and connect to approximately 6.7 miles of designated equestrian/hiker trails, 3.7 miles of designated mountain bike/hiker trails, 3 miles of mountain bike only trails, and 8.1 miles of exclusive hiker only trails.

The total proposed trail use mileage includes additional trails that have been proposed and will undergo Planning and Environmental review with some permitting required. Parks has been working with a study group of stakeholders representing the various local user groups to develop a conceptual plan and will continue to work with them on establishing the trail system designations and placing signage and maps throughout the park.

After additional research, input from mountain bike and equestrian groups,  and preliminary public input, Parks will not be pursuing either a segregated Mountain Bike or Equestrian Park. The trail system at Lord Hill Regional Park will continue to be multi-use, however, approximately 4 miles of trails will be decommissioned, some existing mountain bike trails will be improved or re-routed, and new equestrian trails in the Southeast corner of the park and near Temple Pond are currently being reviewed and evaluated for permitting.

Site and Master Plan Goals

  • Establishing a Trail System Management Plan
  • Decommissioning or re-routing of unauthorized trails
  • New equestrian trails
  • Re-routing and renovation of existing single-track mountain bike trails
  • New and re-routed single track segments connected to existing single tracks to draw users from heavily used multi-use trails to a better riding experience
  • Signage for single track trails and loops identifying skill level requirements for beginning, intermediate and advanced riders
  • Evaluating trails leading to and traversing through critical areas for decommissioning or termination at a viewing platform
  • Replacing old kiosk map tops with new trail system map
  • Creating a wayfinding system and installing wayfinding posts at trail intersections
  • Trail etiquette and "Yield To" signage with positive messaging
  • Interpretive signage encouraging good stewardship
  • Improved and expanded parking facilities

Parks has received a NOVA grant to help cover the costs of land use studies and trail permitting. Once the land use studies have been completed, Parks will be seeking additional public input for the preferred site and management plan of the trail system and other improvements proposed in the Site and Management Plan update.

Projects Completed

  • Springboard single track trail re-route completed by the Everett Mountaineers
  • Wayne's World trail re-route completed by the Snohomish County Trails to Success program. Re-opened as a Hiking Only trail to prevent additional Critical Area degredation.
  • Midway connections and re-routes have been completed, giving hikers access to a continuous north-south route through the park, and now avoids sections where users had to utilize a bike trail to access additional portions of the trail.
  • Pilchuck Audubon Society performed and published the results of the Lord Hill Regional Park Bird Blitz. Parks is currently working on adding results to project map.
  • Washington Native Plant Society completed plant surveys and has submitted spreadsheet results to Parks Staff for mapping.
  • Equestrian By-pass to the Beaver Trail has been constructed by Friends of Lord Hill Park and schedule to open late Fall 2017.
  • Tester Road entrance, log yard and southern trails temporarily secured. Parks is completing improvements to a caretaker pad and is currently seeking a caretaker for the site.

All acquisitions, plans and site developments are subject to funding availability and subject to Snohomish County Executive and County Council approval.

Project Documents

1983 Lord's Hill Advisory Committee Report to the Snohomish County Council

1988 Lord Hill Regional Park Master Plan

1996 Supplemental Master Plan for Lord Hill Regional Park

Site and Management Plan Background Document

Lord Hill Regional Park Master Plan Update Timeline

Addressing Public Concerns and Project Timeline

Pilchuck Audubon Bird Blitz Results June 2017

Washington Native Plant Society Plant Survey Results August 2017

Washington Native Plant Society Plant Survey Results October 2017

Lord Hill 2017 Use Survey Results 

2016 Unofficial User Counts

2017 Unofficial User Counts

September 16, 2016 Study Group Sign-in Sheet

January 6, 2017 Study Group Sign-in Sheet

January 6, 2017 Agenda

Lord Hill Study Group Input - January 2017

April 21, 2017 Study Group Sign-in Sheet

April 21, 2017 Agenda

July 21, 2017 Study Group Sign-in Sheet

July 21, 2017 Agenda

July 21, 2017 Meeting Materials

July 2017 Traffic Counts

March 8, 2018 Study Group Sign-in Sheet

March 8, 2018 Agenda

March 8, 2018 Meeting Materials

Project Contact

Amy Lucas, Senior Park Planner (Project Manager)
Snohomish County Parks and Recreation
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (425) 388-6620

Lord Hill Park 630 Lookout
Temple Pond at Lord Hill Park
West View Loop Trail
Horse and Bike on Pipeline Trail
Lord Hill Park Snohomish River
Lord Hill 2020 Master Plan Update Flow Chart DRAFT