Reach-Scale Plans


Living along a river presents unique challenges from a changing landscape. Click on the story map links below to explore how Snohomish County SLS partners are finding potential solutions for balancing farm, fish and flooding concerns in dynamic floodplains.

The Story of the North Fork Stilly

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Living within the River's Reach

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The Sustainable Lands Strategy (SLS) has identified four major river reaches in Snohomish County on which to focus its multi-benefit planning approach. The consensus among those involved is that a one-size-fits-all approach will not work in every part of Snohomish County. Therefore, each reach has its own plan to address its unique needs and priorities.

Reach-Scale Plan Summary Brochure (PDF)

Plans are now complete for the following river reaches:

Click on the interactive GIS map to explore.

By focusing on the reach as a whole and stressing mutual benefits, the SLS can achieve long-term agreement on the fish and farm net gains needed by the participants in a larger, regional picture.

This Vulnerability Assessment documents the flood hazard and related climate change vulnerabilities for the Snohomish and Stillaguamish rivers. The results of the assessment will inform outreach to vulnerable populations as well as future flood risk reduction planning efforts.

The Full Assessment:

Fact Sheets specific to areas of concern: 


The SLS has seen great successes to date. Below are some examples:

Snohomish Estuary:

 Lower Skykomish:

 Snohomish River: