​​Snohomish County's Puget Sound Initiative

Snohomish County Puget Sound Initiative, launched by Executive Dave Somers and in partnership with the Snohomish County Council, focuses on expanding efforts to protect and restore Puget Sound, one of the region's most valuable assets. Snohomish County is strengthening efforts to enhance the health of Puget Sound, including our lakes, rivers, and streams. In January of 2017, Executive Somers convened an internal working group to start planning and identifying next steps for implementation. Initiative efforts will primarily focus on internal opportunities in County daily operations and policy, and are intended to complement the work already being done by stakeholders and organizations across the region. The working group outlined three phases for the Initiative: 

Phase I: What is the County doing to protect and restore Puget Sound?

The County's Puget Sound Initiative website is a new tool to communicate our work on Puget Sound health with the public. As part of Phase I, the website highlights approximately a dozen County projects and programs, providing a snap-shot of on-going work to improve the health of Puget Sound. Phase I efforts focus on three core areas, namely: Water Quality, Habitat Restoration, and Species Vitality. Phase I also launches a Community Call to Action, encouraging the local community to visit our 'Get Involved' page and to find out how YOU can help make a difference!

Learn more about what the County is already doing to protect water quality, restore habitat, and promote species vitality by visiting this link

Phase II: Moving the needle on the County's existing work

The County's internal working group continues to meet monthly and is working to identify how we can best accelerate Initiative efforts in County policy and operations. Phase II efforts include identifying how existing County projects and programs can be expanded to best leverage our existing work to help restore the health of Puget Sound.

Phase III: Collaboration and planning for the future

The working group will develop an action plan to identify and prioritize new areas of opportunity in County policies, services, and operations that will have a significant impact on restoring Puget Sound health. Also, Phase III will look for opportunities to build greater regional collaboration, in particular areas where Snohomish County leadership might benefit broader efforts.