Reiner Rd Culvert Replacement

Description - Completed 2017

Reiner Road, near the city of Sultan, had a deteriorating concrete culvert under the road at Ames Creek. The pipe was undersized and collected debris during storm events. Although Snohomish County Road Maintenance removes debris on a routine basis, the blockages caused road flooding several times a year and prevented fish passage.

To limit ongoing maintenance, reduce road flooding, and possible traffic impacts due to culvert failure, the concrete culvert was replaced.

Project Plans

The original concrete pipe culvert was replaced with an arched metal culvert. The new culvert measures 49 feet in length. The arched culvert was designed to accommodate fish passage and measures 8 feet high and 12 feet wide.


Construction was completed in fall 2017.

Traffic Impact

Reiner Road was closed 1.7 miles north of Old Owen Road. The detour route was signed and utilized Woods Lake Road. See map for details.


Estimated cost for the culvert replacement is $204,799 and was funded by Snohomish County Surface Water Management.