Logan Park Playground (2018)

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Completed in 2018

The “big kids” (ages 5-12) side of the playground at Logan Park was renovated in 2017. The aged wooden play structure was replaced with a hybridized playground that incorporates a conventional play structure into a playable landscape. This combination of styles engages different styles and activity levels of play (physical, exploration, social/role-playing and creative/building).

The conventional play structure resembles a forest service “Fire Tower Lookout”. The playscape includes the following elements:

  • A planted boulder slope replaced a low timber retaining wall and is suitable for scrambling up, sitting on.
  • Native trees, low plants and shrubs, granite boulders and logs have a feel of spontaneity and work in concert to create a sense of place & privacy while also providing shade and allowing good visibility into the playground.
  • Sand-play “pond” and “creek” features will simulate water but will not actually contain water and reinforce the natural feel of the place as well as provide more opportunities for more passive and creative play.
  • A gravel path wanders through the landscape and gives access to a hillside slide and a bridge onto the play structure.


Learn more about Logan Park here.