SR 530 Mudslide Memorial

Snohomish County Parks, Recreation and Tourism has been working with families of victims and survivors of the March 22, 2014 SR 530 Mudslide to develop a concept and initial design for a memorial to those who were lost, as well as the Steelhead Drive and C-Post neighborhoods that were devastated by the event. Tributes to the Community lost, the First Responders and the Community Response will also be included as elements of the Memorial.

This page is dedicated to project updates and documents, and will be updated regularly, as the design is developed. 

SR 530 Mudslide Memorial - Design and Interpretive phase in progress
East Flagpole Repair and Stabilization - Structural Evaluation in progress
Memorial Spruce Removal and Storage - Completed
Other Memorial Elements on the Whitehorse Trail - Concept and Location development in progress
Steelhead Drive Gate

Design Concept

Parks has held four meetings with the families of victims and 2 meetings with survivors. The following concept has been derived from those meetings. Staff will be meeting with First Responders and Community Responders in the near future to further develop the element concepts of the Memorial. 

SR 530 Slide Memorial draft layout concept 07-24-17