SR 530 Slide Memorial Project

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Project Overview

Snohomish County Parks and Recreation is working with families of victims, survivors and responders of the March 22, 2014, SR 530 Slide to build a permanent memorial at the site of the tragic event to honor those who were lost, those who survived, the responders and the resilience of the surrounding communities. In support of the families and survivors, a website has been dedicated to the project. Visit for additional updates and an opportunity to donate to the ongoing care of the memorial.


  • Access to the site will be limited during construction. Limited closure to the Whitehorse Trail will be required.
  • Nearby parking for the Whitehorse Trail is located at C-Post road.
  • Due to the sensitive nature of the site, please keep pets on leash and stay on designated paths.


We’d like to thank the volunteers and donors who have been involved and are making this work possible: 

  • Evolution Tree Service 
  • Ness Campbell Crane and Cory DeYoung 
  • Doug Wesson Contract Cutting 
  • Oso Fire Hall 
  • Arlington Drilling 
  • Wild Edge Woods and 
  • Outback Power
  • Perteet, Inc.
  • Reid Middleton
  • Minaker Architecture
  • Northwest Hydraulic Consultants
  • Bruce Dees & Associates
  1. Project Updates
  2. Project Timeline

Updated 8/11/22

  • Parks staff continue to coordinate with family representatives on the construction project and volunteer events.
  • The project is planning for construction to begin in 2022, and the permanent memorial will be completed before the 10 year remembrance ceremony in 2024.


To develop the conceptual design for the memorial, Parks worked with the interpretive team at MIG/Portico to organize feedback from families, survivors, and responders into a cohesive design proposal. The design is based on the idea that visitors to an educationally and emotionally intense place will move through stages of Arrival, Decompression, Reception, Orientation, Interpretation, and Transition/Transformation (ANDROIT).

 After seeking feedback from families, responders, community members, and the Oso Slide Memorial Committee, Parks has further developed the conceptual design into the site, grading, drainage, and planting plans and we are preparing for construction.

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Parks staff estimates the total cost of the SR 530 Slide Memorial to be about $5 million and has received donations to complete the design. Funding to complete the construction of the memorial and installation of its components has been allocated in the 2022 Snohomish County budget.


Grant funding from Washington State Commerce, in the amount of $294,00 has been awarded to the project. Grant applications to Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office were awarded in the amount of $500,000.

Donations for materials, services or funds can be accepted through the Snohomish County Parks Donation Fund. All proceeds collected for the SR 530 Slide Memorial will be completely dedicated to the project. Please contact the project manager below for additional information about donations, or visit the project website.


Carol Ohlfs, Principal Park Planner
6705 Puget Park Drive
Snohomish, WA 98296
Email Carol Ohlfs
(425) 388-6609


Rose Intveld, Communications Specialist