What's on the ballot

February 2018 Special Election

How will the proposed levy/bond measure affect the services my community receives and the taxes I pay? When a levy/bond passes, what happens is complicated. The impact on the services your community receives and the taxes you may pay depends greatly on your unique situation. For the information on proposed uses for funding measures, please contact your school, fire or library district (listed below). For information on your current property tax rates, please visit the Snohomish County Assessor’s website.

Bond & Levy Passage Requirements  |  Sample Ballot  |  Results (available 2/13)

  1. School
District Website Phone
Arlington School District 16 http://www.asd.wednet.edu 360-435-3307
Darrington School District 330 http://www.dsd.k12.wa.us 360-436-1323
Edmonds School District 15 http://www.edmonds.wednet.edu 425-431-7000
Everett School District 2 http://www.everett.k12.wa.us 425-385-4000
Granite Falls School District 332 http://www.gfalls.wednet.edu 360-691-7717
Index School District 63 http://www.index.k12.wa.us 360-793-1330
Lake Stevens School District 4 http://www.lkstevens.wednet.edu 425-335-1500
Marysville School District 25 http://www.msd25.org 360-653-7058
Monroe School District 103 http://www.monroe.wednet.edu 360-804-2500
Mukilteo School District 6 http://www.mukilteo.wednet.edu 425-356-1331
Northshore School District 417 http://www.nsd.org 425-408-6000
Snohomish School District 201 http://www.sno.wednet.edu 360-563-7300
Stanwood-Camano School District 401 http://www.stanwood.wednet.edu 360-629-1200
Sultan School District 311 http://www.sultan.k12.wa.us 360-793-9800