Financial Incentives

Clean waters are important to us all. Snohomish County offers financial incentive programs to help residents with projects on their properties that prevent stormwater pollution and reduce stormwater runoff.

If your residential or commercial property is located within the county’s stormwater utility district and you are up to date on paying utility charges, you may apply for financial incentives. Some programs have additional eligibility requirements. Please see the links below for more information.

Financial Incentive programs include:

 Lakewise - Helping residents protect water quality in lakes to keep them safe for swimming and fishing. Incentives:

  • LakeWise property certification
  • Access to free natural lawn care and septic care workshops
  • Free native plants for healthy shorelines
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Savvy Septic - A one-stop shop for financing options, incentives and education to help you maintain a functional septic system. Incentives:

  • Loans for septic system repair and replacement
  • Rebates for septic system inspections and installation of risers
  • Grants for low-income homeowners for maintenance, repairs and replacement
  • Free septic system care workshops
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Home Elevation, Relocation & Acquisition - Grant funding from FEMA to elevate, relocate, or buy and demolish your flood-prone home. Eligible projects:

  • Elevate homes above flood levels
  • Relocate frequently flooded homes
  • Home acquisition and demolition
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Stillaguamish Discretionary Fund Rebate Program - Assisting with small-scale projects to improve water quality within the former Stillaguamish Clean Water District (CWD). Example projects include:

  • Livestock waste removal
  • Livestock waste storage
  • Livestock exclusion fencing
  • Mud reduction practices for heavy use areas
  • Plant native trees and shrubs near a stream or river

Available to properties within the boundaries of the former CWD.

Flood Damage Reduction Grants - Helping diking and flood control districts implement projects to reduce the impact of floods. Not available to individual property owners. Eligible projects:

  • Repair and maintenance of district flood-control features such as levees, dikes, flood control structures and tide gates