Chemical Dependency and Mental Health Advisory Board

Regular Meetings

  • 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
  • Third Wednesday every other month (beginning in February)
  • Hybrid Meeting (In-Person and Virtual via zoom)

About the Board

The Chemical Dependency and Mental Health Advisory Board (CDMH Board) was created by SCC 4.25.060 to serve in an advisory capacity regarding implementation and use of the tax imposed by SCC 4.25.010.  The CDMH Board is made up of 13 members, including 2 members from the North Sound Behavioral Health Organization (NSBHO) Advisory Board (SCC 7.48.020), 2 members from the Alcohol & Other Drug (AOD) Advisory Board (SCC 2.80.010), 1 member from the Council on Aging (COA) (SCC 2.450.010), 1 member of the Children’s Commission (CC) (SCC 2.410.010), 1 member of the Veterans Assistance (VA) Fund Board (SCC 2.430.010), and 1 member to represent the County Jail, Superior Court, a Provider of Chemical Dependency or Mental Health Services, and Law Enforcement. Members serve three-year terms and may not serve more than three consecutive terms.  Board members are appointed by the County Council on recommendation of the Executive. 

Contact Wendy Roullier, Administrative Assistant, 425-388-7236 or for more information.

Visit the Chemical Dependency and Mental Health Program Board website for meeting details.