Russell Rd & 28th Pl NE Culvert Replacement

Description - Completed 2018

On Russell Road, between 28th St NE and 28th Pl NE, two existing culverts were replaced to improve fish passage on Connor Creek. The two undersized pipe culverts were replaced with concrete box culverts.

  • The replacement 28th Pl NE culvert measures 49 feet in length. The new culvert is 5 feet high and 12 feet wide
  • The replacement Russell Road culvert measures 40 feet in length. The new culvert is 6 feet high and 12 feet wide


Work took place between July and October 2018.

Traffic Impact

Russell Road was closed approximately a month. The closure was an estimated 4.2 miles long and the detour route was signed and utilized North Machias and 28th St NE.


Estimated cost for these culvert replacements is $640,000 and the project was funded by the Snohomish County Road Fund.