Larch Way Culvert Replacement

Description - Completed 2018

On Larch Way, between 28th Avenue W and Cypress Way, a pipe arch culvert under the road was deteriorating. This pipe was undersized and a partial barrier to fish. Due to the deterioration of the culvert and the fish impassability, the culvert was replaced in the summer of 2018. A detour was needed to complete this project.

For this project the undersized pipe was replaced with an aluminum structural plate pipe arch. The culvert measures 53 feet in length and provides an opening that is 8.4 feet high and 14 feet wide.


Work concluded in late September 2018.

Traffic Impact

To install the new culvert, Larch Way was closed to traffic and the detour route was signed.


The cost for this culvert replacement was $278,000. The project was funded by the Snohomish County Public Works Surface Water Management Urban Growth Area revenues.