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News (updated November 6, 2020)

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The Light Rail Communities Project team is continuing its multi-year public engagement process by taking outreach online in light of continued COVID-19 restrictions in the form of a new virtual workshop. The planned extension of light rail into Snohomish County will bring change and growth, but also presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to leverage a major transit investment to benefit our communities. 

Share your ideas about the future of the area between Everett and Lynnwood via the latest two-part virtual workshop from Snohomish County’s Light Rail Communities Project. On November 6th, review the results of recent public engagement efforts and share your ideas. Then on November 26th, explore and provide feedback on the topic of housing affordability. Visit the workshop through December 20th to learn more and share your input at

Compatibility note: Internet Explorer is not a supported browser for this workshop. Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are supported.


Welcome to Snohomish County’s Light Rail Communities project webpage. Snohomish County is planning for the arrival of light rail to unincorporated Snohomish County expected to begin service in the mid-2030s.

Project Overview

To prepare for the arrival of light rail, Snohomish County is proactively planning to leverage major transit investments to benefit the surrounding communities. We want to engage with the people who live, work, do business or own property in these areas to consider what light rail could mean to their community and to plan for the future. This planning project is comprised of two components:

  1. Station Area Planning(2018-2019)
    1. Completed Work: Station Area Planning Final Report
    2. Completed Work: Council Resolution
  2. Subarea Planning (2020-2024)

It is important to note that Snohomish County’s planning efforts do not include the design of the light rail stations, construction, mitigation, operation or maintenance of light rail; those are the responsibility of Sound Transit. Final decisions on the actual station location and alignment will be made by Sound Transit in 2025. However, we want to make an effort to ensure the voices of our communities are heard. Light rail service to between Lynnwood and Everett is scheduled to begin in 2036.

Project Documents and Other Resources

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Public Meetings and Notices

November 6 - December 20 - Light Rail Communities Fall Virtual Workshop

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