Campus Courthouse

Artistic Rendition of Future Courthouse Entrance

CH Rendition

Informed visitors, as well as staff, who allow extra time during the Courthouse project will minimize the impacts the renovation will have on parking, access, traffic, security, working conditions, and safety. Changes will begin August 1st.

Construction contractors will begin occupying space in the Courthouse Plaza, as well as vacant lots north of Campus. The project, including a five-story wing, additional elevators, and security and accessibility upgrades will be completed in early 2021.

For details on how construction will affect Courthouse guests, please click on a link:

Also beginning soon, the project will involve moving the Eternal Flame Veteran’s Memorial and Flag Pavilion to the east of its current location. Next, the main entrance will be closed, and staff will be directed to other entrances. Public parking on the Wall and Rockefeller will be closed for public safety and to allow for construction vehicle access.

Announcement of Ceremony for Decommission of Eternal Flame and Veteran's Memorial