Jordan Creek Bridge 214 Replacement


Jordan Creek Bridge 214 is located near milepost 5.8 on Jordan Road. This bridge is located 7 miles southeast of Arlington. This bridge currently has width/height/weight restrictions. Please check <linkto:> for information. The existing bridge is a six span, 107-foot long structure originally built in 1981. This bridge is built on timber piles and needs to be updated to support Seismic Design Codes. Jordan Creek Bridge 214 is considered a seismic lifeline route sturcture. Seismic lifeline routes are designated as essential to life safety services after seismic events.


Snohomish County plans to complete topographic surveys, hydraulic analysis and soil investigation in the summer of 2018 to support scoping and design engineering of the replacement bridge.

Traffic Impacts

The planned geotechnical work should not impact traffic.


Snohomish County is seeking funding sources for this bridge Replacement Project.