Southwest Urban Growth Area (SWUGA) Boundary Planning Study

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Snohomish County Planning and Development Services (PDS) is nearing completion of a project studying part of the County adjacent to the fast-growing south-easterly edge of the Southwest Urban Growth Area (SWUGA) – see map below.

The project is not proposing changes to land use, polices, or UGA boundaries. It is a high-level study to provide background about existing conditions in the SWUGA and the study area, and opportunities and constraints to consider if adjustments to the boundary are under review in the future.

Draft Boundary Planning Study Report

Frequently Asked Questions (updated)

Study Sharing Summary

Story Map

Draft Executive Summary

Full Draft Report

Full Draft Appendix

Boundary Planning Study - Share Your Thoughts

Thank you to the many residents, business owners, service providers, local governments, tribal representatives, and other stakeholders who participated in the Study Sharing Workshop on August 7th at Valley View Middle School. We will be summarizing the Workshop input when publishing the final report. The slides shared at the Workshop can be viewed here. All of the exhibits displayed at the workshop are included in the draft study report. On the back of the agenda which was available at the Workshop, we included links to various websites. We are providing the links here in case they are helpful in this format.

There is still time to complete responses to a couple of questions on the Draft Boundary Planning Study. The questions can be found in the form of a short survey. The survey is open until August 25th. The finalized study report will include the responses received.

Study Area

The study area extends eastwards from the SWUGA boundary to Broadway Ave, north to Cathcart and south to the County line. It includes the Maltby UGA.

SWUGA Study Area


The project commenced in late October 2018 and will be completed in 2019. Please sign up below to stay informed and be involved.

Additional Information

As the study progresses, this website will be updated with more information. 

Southwest UGA Boundary Planning Study Fact Sheet

Southwest UGA Boundary Planning Study Scope of Work

Southwest UGA Boundary Planning Study Flowchart and Timeline

Southwest Urban Growth Area (SWUGA) Boundary Planning Study End of 2018 Status Report

County Council Meetings that feature this topic:

August 20, 2019 - Planning & Community Development Committee Meeting - Agenda and Video

July 29, 2019 - County Council Administrative Session - Meeting Notes

Oct 22, 2018 - County Council Administrative Session - Meeting Notes

Planning Commission Meetings that feature this topic:

March 26, 2019 - Planning Commission Agenda

Participate in Snohomish County's Future

As described in the Frequently Asked Questions document, the Boundary Planning Study is designed to collect data and information on the study area, which can be used as a resource during future planning initiatives or if there are future proposals seeking amendments to the urban growth area (UGA) boundaries in the study area vicinity. It is a study, not a plan.

Snohomish County plans for its future through its Comprehensive Plan. The County is just starting a multi-year process to update its Comprehensive Plan by 2023. The County will offer opportunities for public participation through that countywide process. Your participation is important. Please sign up to receive updates about the 2023 Comprehensive Plan Update. 

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