Road Maintenance

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About Road Maintenance

Road Maintenance performs most traditional Public Works functions, including:

  • Maintenance and minor construction of the county's bridges and of county streets and roads, including filling those potholes.
  • Response to emergencies such as floods, snow storms, wind storms, accidents, spills, and water over roadway
  • Production of road materials from county-owned pits and quarries
  • Under the direction of Surface Water Management, the maintenance and minor construction of off-road surface water systems and levees
  • Maintenance and minor construction of the division's yards, properties and buildings at the Cathcart Way Operations Center, Arlington, Sand Hill Pit and elsewhere
  • Assistance in the maintenance of other county facilities such as solid waste drop boxes, transfer stations, fairgrounds and parks facilities under intra-governmental agreements
  • Assistance in the maintenance of other governmental facilities such as Snohomish County PUD's roads and parking lots, plus various city streets, bridges and other municipal facilities under inter-local governmental agreements
  • Road-shoulder maintenance and vegetation control
  • Sub-grade repair, patching, maintenance paving and chip sealing; ditch, culvert and water retention system cleaning and repair; bridge maintenance
  • Traffic control device installation and maintenance such as signs, striping, crosswalks, arrows, buttons, guardrails and jersey barriers
  • Roadside installation and maintenance such as retaining walls, river and stream slope improvements
  • Road closures: Emergency, weight restricted and seasonal