Alcohol and Other Drugs

The Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) unit includes substance use disorder treatment and recovery support services, prevention activities and the DUI Victim Impact Panel Program. The goal of alcohol and other drug prevention and treatment is to reduce the negative impact addiction has on individuals, families, and our community. These services reduce crime, acute care medical and psychiatric costs, injuries, accidents and fatalities, death, decreased productivity, and family problems including child abuse and neglect.


  • To schedule yourself for an upcoming DUI Victim Panel, please call our self-registration voicemail at 425-388-7269. For schedule and Victim Panel information, please view the Victim Panel Schedule (PDF). The first half of the 2020 schedule can be found here
  • The Snohomish County DUI Task Force meets the third Tuesday of the month at noon. For more information, please email Stacey McShane or call at (425) 388-3817.

Treatment Has Value

The following studies show the characteristics of Drug Use Among Arrestees Booked Into Snohomish County Corrections Including Comparisons to Booked Arrestees in King and Spokane Counties:

Additional Information

For recovery help, contact the Washington Recovery Help Line toll-free at (866) 789-1511.

For additional information about the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment and Support Act (ADATSA), please read the ADATSA (PDF) document.