Behavioral Health Adult Programs and Information

Snohomish County Services & Programs 

The Behavioral Health Program works with agencies that provide services to some of the most vulnerable members of Snohomish County. BH supports a variety of Behavioral Health programs that serve community members of all ages including: short-term case management, jail transition, outreach and engagement, and community education. There are different eligibility requirements for each program, so if you need mental health services but do not know where to start, 2-1-1 – is the first point of contact for behavioral health services in Snohomish County. Additionally, most behavioral health providers in our county have Open Access (walk-in hours). Please call the agency or 211 for additional information.

North Sound Behavioral Health Administrative Services Organization

(NS BH-ASO) Advisory Board 

Snohomish County Human Services' Behavioral Health Division is seeking interested citizens of Snohomish County to apply for the North Sound Behavioral Health Administrative Services Organization (BH-ASO) Advisory Board.  Members are expected to have an interest or background in mental health and substance use issues. Applicants, if selected for the Board, are expected to attend meetings in Mount Vernon.*  Board members are partners from the community who provide independent advice to the North Sound BH-ASO Executive Committee, and to provide independent feedback to local jurisdictions and service providers. Access the online application. If you have any questions or require further information, please email Michael O'Brien or call 425-388-6291.

About the Board

The purpose of the North Sound Behavioral Health Administrative Services Organization (NS BH-ASO) Advisory Board (AB) is to provide independent advice to the North Sound BH-ASO Executive Committee; to provide independent feedback to local jurisdictions and service providers; to advocate for the people we serve in the community at local Advisory Boards, at the State Legislature, and in Congress; and to promote the mission of the North Sound BH-ASO: "Empower individuals and families to improve their health and well-being."

The North Sound BH-ASO Advisory Board is established in compliance with Inter-Local Joint Operating Agreements establishing a Behavioral Health Administrative Services Organization for Island, San Juan, Skagit, Snohomish, and Whatcom Counties executed in March 2019, and in compliance with the provisions of RCW 39.34.030, 71.05, 71.24, 71.34, and with all applicable State and Federal laws and regulations.  The North Sound BH-ASO Advisory Board consists of 26 members representing the five counties that make up the region and 8 regional Tribal members. For the nine members allocated to Snohomish County, members serve three-year terms and are appointed by Snohomish County Council on recommendation of the County Executive.

General information about the board can be found on the North Sound BH-ASO website.

Contact Michael O'Brien via email or at 425-388-6291 for more information about Snohomish County membership.

*Meetings are being held on a virtual platform until further notice.

Please visit the DUI Information page to learn about Snohomish County’s DUI Program.

Please visit the Adult Treatment page to learn about accessing treatment in Snohomish County.

Treatment Has Value

The following studies show the characteristics of Drug Use Among Arrestees Booked Into Snohomish County Corrections Including Comparisons to Booked Arrestees in King and Spokane Counties:

Jail Services

Mental Health Community Support Specialists work within the Snohomish County Jail to assist in connecting individuals to mental health and treatment services. Jail Transition Services serves incarcerated individuals seeking mental health support and community resources. Clients enrolled in JTS are linked with a local mental health organization. The services available include; mental health counseling, intensive case management, drug and/or alcohol treatment, medical care, housing resources, transportation, education, and assistance obtaining employment. Jail Transition Services helps clients regain control of their lives and stay out of jail through reentry interventions and community support.

Homeless and Direct Outreach

The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office of Neighborhoods’ law enforcement collaborates with Snohomish County Human Services’ social workers who go out into the field – literally – to identify, locate, and connect with homeless and vulnerable populations in the county. The goal is to foster long-term relationships and break the cycle of homelessness, mental health, and/or chemical dependency in our county. For more information please visit the Office of Neighborhoods website.

Housing Liaison Services (WRAPS)

WRAPS Specialists work directly with clients living in publicly funded housing and homeless shelters who are at risk of losing their housing due to untreated addiction issues. Services include referral to CD and MH treatment, recovery support and relapse prevention.

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