Long-Term Care & Aging


Snohomish County Long Term Care & Aging provides community leadership on issues related to aging. We plan, coordinate, and advocate for the development and delivery of a range of services that helps older persons and younger adults with disabilities meet their needs and maximize their potential.

Snohomish County Long Term Care & Aging (LTCA) is the designated Area Agency on Aging (AAA) for Snohomish County. Under the auspices of the County’s Department of Human Services Department, LTCA is responsible for developing a comprehensive and coordinated system of services for persons age 60 and over. LTCA also works to meet the needs of adults with disabilities through home and community-based services. To Learn more about the AAA, click here.

For more comprehensive information about LTCA, check out the 2016-2019 Area Plan on Aging.

The Snohomish County Council on Aging (COA) is a 30-member advisory board that helps guide the work of LTCA. The County Executive recommends members for three-year terms, and the Snohomish County Council confirms these appointments. COA members advise LTCA and elected officials on concerns of the County’s older population. The COA also participates in educational and advocacy efforts on behalf of older persons and adults with disabilities.

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