Important Assessment Dates

These are some important dates on the assessment calendar.
 Date Item Due
January 1
Real and personal property is subject to taxation and valuation for assessment purposes as of this date.
February 15
Property taxes can be paid on or after this date.
April 30
Personal property listings due.
April 30
First half taxes due.
May 31
End of revaluation cycle.
July 1
Filing deadline for Board of Equalization petitions.*
July 15
Board of Equalization meets in open session.
August 1
Most taxing district boundaries must be established.
August 31
Last day assessor can add new construction value.
October 1
Last day to file for exemption on historic property.
October 7
County begins budget hearings.
October 31
Second half property tax due.
November 30
City and other taxing districts budgets are due to the County Legislative Authority.
November 30
Tax certifications and the amount levied per taxing district are due to the county assessor.
December 31
Deadline for open space assessment applications.
 * Dependent on Mailing Date - check your Value Notice