Child Abuse

If you have concerns about possible abuse, would like to help prevent child abuse, or you know someone who has been abused, you can call the following numbers:

  • Hotline: 866-ENDHARM (866-363-4276) - f you see someone abusing a child: Call 911
  • Daytime - Local CPS Office, for Snohomish County: 866-829-2153
  • Nights and Weekends: 800-562-5624
  • TTY Callers: 800-624-6186
  • If you know sexually abused child who needs counseling, contact Compass Health Children’s Advocacy Program: 425-349-7300
  • If you want a presentation by law enforcement to your group, contact the Snohomish County Sheriff: 425-388-6371
  • If you want a prevention presentation at your child’s school by Open Door Theatre: 425-303-8783