Design Standards / EDDS

Amendments to the EDDS

Rule Making Action
  • On April 18, 2018 the Snohomish County Department of Public Works (DPW), pursuant to Snohomish County Code (SCC) 30.82.040 (Rulemaking), proposed amendments to the EDDS and a Revision Rule 4220.070.
  • On August 6, 2018 DPW adopted the amendments to the EDDS and Rule 4220.070.

Request for County Council Review of Rule Making Action 
Pursuant to SCC 30.82.065, within 120 days of rule adoption (by December 5, 2018) an interested person may request a review of the adopted rules by the County Council. A request for Council review should be sent to the contact person listed below or be emailed to the County Council or mailed to Snohomish County Council, 3000 Rockefeller M/S 609, Everett WA 98201. Council review shall only determine whether the adopted rule is consistent with the scope of the department’s rule making authority as specified in SCC 30.82.010(1). No other formal appeal opportunity is available.

Current EDDS Edition (effective August 6, 2018)

  • Complete Text (PDF)
    (The Standard Details/Drawings are now included with the text at the end of each chapter and Appendix A and B are at the end of the document)

Previous EDDS Editions

Helpful Forms & Information

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