Height & Weight Restrictions

Roads with Weight Restrictions

  • 140th St NW, between Marine Dr and Kayak Pt Rd - 5 ton
  • 240th St SE, SE of the railroad xing (Woodinville area) - 5 ton limit
  • Bostian Rd, SW of 91st Ave SE (Woodinville area) - 13 ton limit
  • Lowell-Larimer Rd, W of E Lowell-Larimer Rd/Marsh Rd (Everett area) - 6 ton limit
  • Marsh Rd, N or E Lowell-Larimer Rd/Marsh Rd (Everett area) - 20 ton limit
  • Old Pacific Hwy,  SW of Big Ditch Access Rd (Stanwood area) - 10 ton limit
  • Vine Rd, W of Locust Way (Brier area) - 10 ton limit

Bridges and Underpasses with Height Restrictions

Bridges with Weight Restrictions

We currently have weight restrictions on the following county bridges. Weight restrictions vary depending on vehicle type.

Bridge AASHTO 1 Truck AASHTO 2 Truck AASHTO 3 Truck
Bridge No. 155: Tualco Road over Riley Slough (view map)

23 tons

34 tons


Bridge No. 214: Jordon Road over Jordon Creek

23 tons

34 tons

40 tons

Bridge No. 494: Index Galena Road over Trout Creek (view map)

19 tons

26 tons

30 tons