Any actions that interfere with county right-of-way require some type of Snohomish County permit or agreement. Staff from the Public Works Customer Service Center review and administer some of the permits and agreements that are governed by Snohomish County Code Title 13: Roads and Bridges

The following information is available regarding a new permit or obtaining a copy of an existing permit:
Required for the movement of vehicles, materials and structures, commercial hauling and other similar activities, and road closures which have the potential to disturb existing features, improvements, other vehicles, or pedestrians within the right-of-way. Each activity requires approval for specific routes, weights, locations, dates, operating times and provisions for public safety and traffic control. 

This permit is issued by Public Works in conjunction with the Type D right-of-way use permit for construction issued by the PDS Department.

All major construction activities (e.g., utilities installation, plat road construction and frontage improvements) require a right-of-way use permit for traffic control.

  • Haul route agreements. Examples include activities involving development construction, pit and quarry operations, logging and other commercial operations where such activities are likely to cause extraordinary damage or accelerated damage to county roads.
  • Type C permits: Fences, landscaping, bus stops, loading zones, drop boxes, waste facilities, single-user utility placement, temporary signs, tree cutting, neighborhood watch signs, etc. 
  • Type E and other miscellaneous permits: Required for miscellaneous, long-term, right-of-way transactions, including: new utility franchises, road vacation, road establishment, right-of-way encroachment and abatement, deeds and easements, latecomers cost recovery, leases, etc.