Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program

Purpose & Function

As our population continues to grow in Snohomish County, so do our traffic volumes. The county’s Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program (NTCP) was created to help manage that traffic growth on local access roads and to minimize its impacts on existing and future residential neighborhoods.

The program addresses a wide range of traffic issues, including speeding, collisions, and non-local traffic. It is intended to encourage through-traffic to use arterial roadways, rather than divert it onto local access roads.

Citizen Participation

The NTCP enables citizens and community groups to participate in all stages of neighborhood traffic-calming projects, from identification to planning, design, implementation and evaluation.

The first step in the NTCP is for a resident to contact Snohomish County traffic investigator by email or by calling 425-388-6420.

For a neighborhood to be considered for inclusion in the program, it must meet minimum qualifying criteria pertaining to traffic speeds and volumes, and residents must submit a letter demonstrating neighborhood support.

Gathering Information

Before traffic-calming devices can be installed, the Traffic Investigation Unit (in the Traffic Operations Section of the Public Works Department) will complete an engineering study. The unit will then present alternative actions to residents for their acceptance.

Program implementation is closely coordinated with other departments and agencies, including the Sheriff’s Office, fire and emergency services, school districts, transit companies, and neighboring jurisdictions.

The NTCP has been designed and formally adopted as public works policy and is included in the county’s Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP).