2012 CSBG Funded Programs

In the fall of 2011, at the Community Services Advisory Council's (CSAC) request, the Office of Housing and Community Services (OHCS) conducted focus groups to further understand the dental needs of Snohomish County low-income adults. Dental was the top identified need from the 2010 Low-Income Needs Assessment (PDF) (LINA).

From this information gathering, it was determined that a meaningful collaboration and coordination between dental service providers and programs was needed in Snohomish County. The intention was to assure that a comprehensive array of dental services could be rendered to low-income adults in Snohomish County.

Collaborating Partners

The CSAC made the recommendation to fund a dental collaboration, lead by the Snohomish Health District, in partnership with Snohomish County's OHCS. Collaborating partners include:

Additionally, the CSAC made the recommendation to fund the second year of the Investing in Families pilot project, specifically Snohomish County Legal Services (SCLS), YWCA, and Volunteers of America's (VOA) Dispute Resolution Center (DRC).