Road Resurfacing (Paving and Chip Seal)

Snohomish County Public Works is dedicated to maintaining and improving pavement to preserve the county’s roadway network condition and investment. To ensure this, every summer Public Works preserves and rehabilitates designated county roads through its annual Paving Program and Chip Seal Program.

Ads are placed in newspapers and crews post signs prior to beginning work in an area to provide advance notification to the affected communities. Resurfacing is very weather dependent – rain and cool temperatures will delay work and impact the planned schedule for completion. However, every effort is made to complete the proposed list of roads during the given year.

The selection of roads to be paved and chip sealed are part of a yearly process in which the county rates a portion of the roadway network to develop the most cost-effective, multi-year plan for preserving and maintaining county roads. All major roads are rated every two years. All residential roads are rated every four years.
Paving Program and Chip Seal Program

2017 Road Resurfacing Schedule

  • Chip Seal Program – 
    • Pre-leveling work began in April in the northwest area of the county and will continue south and east. 
    • Chip sealing work will begin in late-June, starting in the south county areas and working their way north. All chip sealing is expected to be completed by late August.
  • Paving Program - The paving program for 2017 will begin Monday, June 26th. 
County Roads:
  • Grinding begins July 31st
Arlington area:
  • Grinding begins July 31st
Edmonds area:
Monroe area: 
  • week of July 17th, paving 
Mukilteo area:
  • Grinding is underway
  • Paving on July 21, 24th, 25th and 26th
Stanwood area: 
  • Paving on July 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th
ADA Activity
  • County - ADA ramp construction underway
  • Monroe - demo and construction starts July 31st
  •  Mukilteo - all ADA ramps are completed
  • Snohomish - demo and construction starts July 31st
Historical Resurfacing Lists