Blackmans Lake

Blackmans Lake is located within the City of Snohomish, just east of Hwy 9. The area of the lake is 62.9 acres with an average depth of 14 feet. The watershed, or the land area that drains into the lake, covers 510.7 acres and about 50% of that land is developed.

Recreational Opportunities

  • ADA Accessible
  • Boat Launch
  • Boating (No gasoline-powered motors)
  • Fishing
  • Lake Access
  • Public Park
There are two City of Snohomish parks located on the lake. Hill Park is located on the eastern shore and has two ADA accessible fishing docks. Ferguson Park is on the southeast shore and includes a boat launch. These public access points are on the bathymetric maps below. Internal combustion motors are not allowed on Blackmans Lake - see Snohomish County Code Title 12 and the Parks and Recreation Boating Regulations for more information.

Fishing Information

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) maintains informational pages for each lake in Washington that include: fish stocking schedules, fishing prospect calendars, and boat launch information.

Connect with Your Lake Community

The Friends of Blackmans Lake is a Washington nonprofit corporation with the mission to understand and advocate for the health of Blackmans Lake. You can connect with the lake community through via email, or by looking for a Blackmans Lake community group on NextDoor or Facebook.

Lake Health and Additional Resources

The City of Snohomish contracts with the Snohomish County's Lake Management Program, to conduct monthly water quality monitoring at Blackmans Lake. The lake has been monitored since 1992 as shown in the following reports and data: 

Health Report Card

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In Depth Health Report

In Depth Lake Health Report

​Historic Blackmans Lake Reports:
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View maps of Blackmans Lake and the surrounding area, including the location of public access sites.

Watershed Map
Area that drains to the lake

Bathymetry Map
Depth contours of the lake

Aerial Bathymetry Map
Depth contours of the lake with satellite images
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Lake Questions and Assistance

For information about the water quality of Blackmans Lake, please contact Snohomish County's lake program. For information about the management of the lake including lake level management, please contact the City of Snohomish