Little Lake Martha

Little Lake Martha is a small, bog lake located north of Lake Cassidy and just east of Highway 9. The lake covers 13.8 acres and has a maximum depth of about 20 feet. The surrounding watershed, which is the land area that drains to the lake, is fairly large, covering 450 to 500 acres. Most of the land area near the lake is undeveloped, covered by forests and wetlands.

Recreational Opportunities

Snohomish County Parks owns land on the north side of Little Lake Martha, but there is no developed public access.

Connect with Your Lake Community

Little Lake Martha does not have a formal lake association. However, you may be able to connect with other lake area residents by looking for a Little Lake Martha community group on NextDoor or Facebook.

Lake Health and Additional Resources

As part of Snohomish County's Lake Management Program, County staff and volunteer lake monitors have been tracking the health of Little Lake Martha since 2012. 

Health Report Card

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In Depth Health Report

In Depth Lake Health Report

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View maps of Little Lake Martha and the surrounding area, including the location of public access sites.

Bathymetry Map
Depth contours of the lake

Aerial Bathymetry Map
Depth contours of the lake with satellite images