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The Snohomish County Online Property Information (SCOPI) interactive web map provides a visual method of locating and viewing property information. Below, you can find information about how sales, appraisal neighborhoods, parcels, and other layers are displayed in SCOPI. To view or download a PDF guide on how to use SCOPI please click the link applicable to your device: Desktop/Tablet or Mobile (phone).

View Property Information

The SCOPI web application provides basic property information such as Parcel ID, Property Address, and Owner name when a parcel is selected on the map. Some additional information such as Taxpayer, Gross Acres, Market Value, Tax Code Area number, etc., can be accessed by clicking "Click to view additional parcel details" in the left hand results panel after a parcel has been selected.   

To access even more detailed property information such as sales history, property tax history, legal descriptions, detailed structure data, etc., click the "Property Account Summary" link in the additional parcel details results panel for each parcel. When the link is clicked, a separate browser tab will open displaying the Property Account Summary page.

View Map Labels

Check on the appropriate map labels in the Layers list panel. The labels are scale dependent. If they do not display on the map after the labels are loaded, zoom in until they display. *Note: Parcel Number Labels and House Number Labels for properties with multiple tax parcels will display "Multiple Parcels (Click for Info)" instead of displaying every parcel or house number.

SCOPI "Blank" Accounts

The SCOPI web application displays parcels with no parcel number as either "Shared Interest Parcels" or "Not a Legal Tax Parcel".  Shared Interest Parcels are pieces of land that are owned by multiple separate property owners. One example of this would be a common element (area) in a condominium complex; each of the condominium owners may have a specific percentage or an equal and undivided interest (ownership) in the common element.

Parcels that display as Not a Legal Tax Parcel are typically gap areas where adjacent legal descriptions do not come to a common boundary and leave a hole or gap between the parcels. 

Parcel Size

The property account info panel displays the “gross” size (in acres) of the property.

The gross size is the total area of ownership, which may include additional acreage from ownership interest in a shared tract. For example: If you own Lot 4 of a subdivision, which is 0.25 acres, and also have a ¼ interest in Tract 998, which is 2 acres, then you have a gross size of 0.75 acres.

Lot 4 = 0.25 acres, Tract 998 = 2.00 acres

Lot 4’s interest in Tract 998: 2.00 acres x ¼ interest = 0.5 acres

(0.25 acres) + (0.5 shared interest acres) = 0.75 gross acres

Recent Sales

Recent sales of property can be highlighted on the map by checking on boxes in the "Recent Sales" section of the Layers Panel. Click on the box next to the year indicated to display sales for that year.

SAMPLE: "  Recent Sales 2023"

Definition of Recent Sales:

  • occurred between 01/01/2021 and the present
  • are not a leased site
  • are valid market transactions
  • are improved with a dwelling of one of the following:
    • Single Family Residence
    • Manufactured Home
    • Duplex/Triplex
    • Condominium
  • Sales types that are not shown are:
    • Sales involving multiple parcels
    • Sales involving Quit Claim deeds, estate sales, gifts, or any other transaction not          considered to be a "market" transaction

Appraisal Neighborhood Numbers

An Appraisal Neighborhood is "a geographic area (in which there are typically fewer than several thousand properties) defined for some useful purpose, such as to ensure for later multiple regression modeling that the properties are homogeneous and share important locational characteristics." - IAAO

In Snohomish County, each appraisal neighborhood is assigned a 7 digit identification number. Residential neighborhoods begin with the number 1, 2, 3, or 4 (e.g. 1106000). Commercial neighborhoods begin with the number 5 or 6 (e.g. 5102000).

 In SCOPI, the neighborhood areas can be turned on or off by clicking the check box next to "Appraisal Neighborhoods".

Find a Specific Appraisal Neighborhood

Specific appraisal neighborhoods can be located using the "Neighborhood Search" tool. Selecting one of the neighborhood identification numbers from the index list and clicking the "OK" button will pan & zoom the map to the selected neighborhood(s).

The neighborhood number for a specific property can be located by clicking on a parcel on the map to bring up its selection record in the info panel on the left side of the application. Clicking on this record will display the property info panel. In this panel the 7 digit neighborhood ID can be found by the Neighborhood label.

The neighborhood ID can also be found on the "Property Account Summary" page. The Neighborhood identification number is found at the bottom of the page in the section titled Property Maps under the column heading "Neighborhood Code".

View Aerial Imagery

The aerial imagery toggle can be found at the bottom of the layers list in the Layers tab of the Info Panel.

The 2021 aerial photos are 6 inch resolution and cover mainly the urban areas. The imagery was collected between June 25, 2021 and November 11, 2021.

The 2020 aerial photos are 3 inch resolution in the urban areas and 9 inch resolution in the rural areas, excluding much of the unpopulated mountainous portion of eastern Snohomish County, and were taken between April 13th and July 13th, 2020.

The 2018 aerial photos are 6 inch resolution and cover most of the urban areas of Snohomish County.

The 2017 aerial photos are 12 inch resolution and cover the entire county. 

Browser Compatibility

Users of Internet Explorer may notice some high resolution building photos may not display within SCOPI.  To view these photos please use another modern internet browser (e.g. Chrome, Edge, etc.) or view the photos by clicking the link to view the "Property Account Summary" page which opens in a new browser tab.  On the "Property Account Summary" page, locate the section titled "Real Property Structures" and click the "View Detailed Structure Information" link. This will open a page in a new browser tab which contains the structure information, photo, and structure sketch.

More Information

More information about tax parcels and the Assessor’s Office can be found on the Assessor’s FAQ web page.

Contact Information

Send questions and comments to the Assessor’s Office.