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Who can I contact if I have a concern about a Census Bureau enumerator/Census taker in Snohomish County? 

You can reach out to the Census Bureau's Everett Area Office directly as they lead all operations in Snohomish County:

By Phone: (425)551-1605

By Email: Click this link for all details related to Area Offices statewide:

Where and when can I respond to the 2020 Census? 

You can respond right now online or by calling the toll-free numbers below. You may also wait until mid-April to receive a paper survey in the mail. Census takers will start door knocking on July 30. More details below.


By Phone:

Chinese (Mandarin)844-391-2020
Chinese (Cantonese)844-398-2020
Haitian Creole844-477-2020
English (Puerto Rico residents)844-418-2020
Spanish (Puerto Rico residents)844-426-2020
Telephone Display Device (TDD)844-467-2020

Why does the Census matter?

Every ten years, the population of the United States is counted in order to determine who receives federal funding and political representation. For every person who is counted in the census, about $2,000 will go to a local program or service per year. Snohomish County is part of a fast growing region in need of a fair share of money and power. If we don’t have everyone counted, other states will get some of our share of federal resources.
How do you get counted in the Census?

This is the first census that will be primarily conducted on-line. You will also be able to respond by phone or mail. In March of 2020, you will receive a letter inviting you to take the census. If you have not completed the census online or by phone by April 8, you will receive a reminder letter with a paper survey. Census staff will follow up for in person interviews in July 2020. 

If you need any kind of assistance filling out your form, please visit any Sno-Isle Library or join us at one of our events countywide. For a full list of events, visit the Calendar of Events section on the left menu.
Census Timeline (UPDATED)

  • March 12 - September 30: Self-Response Period (Online or by Phone or Paper Survey)
  • July 30 - September 30: In person follow-ups by Census Enumerators

Scams and Census Takers. Where to verify a Census Bureau employee?

What is in it for you?

If you care about transportation, homelessness, public safety, energy, and the many other issues affecting our community, you should care about the census. Almost $700 BILLION in funds are dispersed by formula based on the census results.