About Community Court

​           Developed in 1993 by the Center for Court Innovation, community courts have revolutionized the way low-level non-violent crimes are addressed. Using a combination of community service to hold individuals accountable and wrap around services aimed at addressing substance abuse, mental health, employment and housing, community courts reduce incarceration and restore trust in the justice system. Community courts are often located where individuals charged with those crimes can report before the judge and also receive the wrap around services they may need in one location. Community service sanctions would then be completed in the community in which the crime was committed.

            Snohomish County Community Court will address crimes such as theft, criminal trespassing and other low-level quality of life offenses. In a traditional court, short-term jail or conditional discharges without any meaningful conditions allows an individual to become a repeat offender and does little to restore the damage caused by the crime. Community Court will have probation officers and service providers on site where the participant can be assigned community service work and speak with a service provider the same day. Our court will meet once a week and participants will be required to attend those court hearings as a way to monitor accountability and compliance.​