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Snohomish County Complete Count Committee

Complete Count Committees for Washington State (as of July 2019)

The Complete Count Committee provides a space for cross-sector partners with a stake in the decennial census to plan and act together to leverage their existing population and infrastructure and coordinate all parties’ outreach to minimize duplication and gaps. Because the 2020 Census has such widely felt impacts, and because the audience is so large, the possibilities for partners to join the CCC are limitless. The CCC can bring to the table existing capacity and infrastructure that are crucial to the framework for achieving a complete and accurate count. 

The goal of the CCC is to ensure that all communities of Snohomish County thrive in the decade after 2020, including receiving its fair share of federal funding and political representation, the Census Bureau must count all the County’s  residents accurately in the upcoming decennial census.

Being mindful of the challenges of the 2020 Census, the Snohomish County CCC is aiming toward implementing equity, respect, honesty with the information being shared, building trust, emphathy and reassurance among those we serve to reduce Hard to Count (HTC) areas in Snohomish County. This will be accomplished by:
  • Aligning education and outreach efforts
  • Sharing strong, simple messaging
  • Identifying community leaders and involving them in the work
  • Effectively using media
Known Hard to count Groups
  • Young Children
  • Highly mobile persons
  • Racial and ethnic minorities
  • Non-English speakers
  • Low income persons
  • Persons experiencing homelessness

  • Undocumented immigrants
  • Persons who distrust the government
  • LGBTQ persons
  • Persons with mental or physical disabilities
  • Persons who do not live in traditional housing

The following local governments, tribes and organizations are part of our Snohomish County Complete Count Committee:
Executive’s Office, Council, Assessor’s Office, Auditor’s Office, Human Services, Public Works, Planning and Development Services.