Collective Bargaining Agreements

Snohomish County Labor Relations plans, organizes, and directs collective bargaining with representatives of union organizations pursuant to laws and ordinances governing wages and salaries, medical and other benefits, hours of work, and working conditions.  Labor Relations is responsible for the interpretation and explanation of labor laws, contracts, memoranda of understanding, and ordinances as well as assisting departments with the processing of grievances.

Classification & Compensation



  • Representatives
  • Labor Agreements List

Labor Agreements

  • AFSCME Master CBA
  • Airport Firefighters (IAFF 2597)
  • Assessor Supervisors (AFSCME 1811-S)
  • Clerk’s Association
  • Corrections Guild
  • Corrections Sergeants and Lieutenants (Teamsters 763)
  • Corrections Support (Teamsters 763)
  • Corrections Supervisors (Teamsters 763)
  • Criminal Prosecuting Attorneys (AFSCME 1811-PA)
  • Deputy Sheriff’s Association
  • District Court – Economic (AFSCME 1811-CA)
  • District Court – Non-Economic (AFSCME 1811-CA)
  • Fleet, Roads and Solid Waste Supervisors (AFSCME 109-S)
  • Human Services Supervisors (AFSCME 1811-HS)
  • Juvenile Court Supervisors – Economic Agreement
  • Juvenile Court Supervisors – Non-Economic Agreement
  • Law Enforcement Support (Teamsters 763)
  • Paine Field Fire Fighters (IAFF 2597)
  • Prosecutor's Criminal and Family Support Deputies Amended (AFSCME 1811-PA)
  • Sheriff’s Office Management Team
  • Superior Court – Supervisors Economic (AFSCME 1811-ES)
  • Superior Court – Supervisors Non-Economic (AFSCME 1811-ES)
  • Superior Court – Economic-Juvenile (AFSCME 1811-JPD)
  • Superior Court – Non-Economic-Juvenile (AFSCME 1811-JPD)