2020 Hazard Mitigation Plan Update

How can we make Snohomish County safer, smarter, and more resilient?

 We need your help!

Snohomish County is updating the County’s Hazard Mitigation Plan and needs your help.

Why should we try to minimize hazards?

Natural and manmade disasters can cause injury, death, and property damage, and impact individuals, families, and the economy. Recovery can take public funding and attention away from other priorities.


What is the County Hazard Mitigation Plan?

The County’s Hazard Mitigation Plan will identify and update information about the County’s hazard risks, such as earthquakes, storms, flooding, and landslides. The plan will also identify the people and facilities at risk and ways to prevent and minimize damage.

Why develop a Hazard Mitigation Plan?

To apply for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) assistance after a disaster, the County must have an approved mitigation plan. Plans must also be updated every five years to comply with Federal law. A plan also allows a community to apply for hazard mitigation project funding.

What are hazard mitigation projects?

Hazard mitigation projects can help protect the community’s people, homes, businesses, and communities from the effects of a disaster. Examples:

  • Stabilizing slopes to reduce landslide risk.
  • Promoting construction that is safer during an earthquake through building codes.

What is the planning process?

A Mitigation Planning Team, including County, City, and Tribal departments will guide the plan update. Elements of the planning process include:

  • Identifying hazards and assessing risks
  • Choosing mitigation strategies, goals, actions, and projects
  • Including community input
  • Obtaining State and FEMA approval

Issues downloading or have questions about the planning process? 

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