Jury Duty in Superior Court

For Jurors summoned to Superior Court (blue summons):

Please click here for jury reporting instruction message.

If the juror instruction message states you are to report to jury orientation in person, please report to at the directed time and location on the message.

If the juror instruction message states you are to report to jury orientation remotely by zoom, please follow the directions below- IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO THE INTERNET OR AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE TO APPEAR BY ZOOM, YOU MAY APPEAR AT THE SNOHOMISH COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT.

  • Prior to logging into zoom for jury orientation, click on the video links below and watch the two videos (approximately 30 minutes). Viewing the videos before jury orientation will shorten your time in jury orientation.
    1. We The People
    2. Unconscious Bias
  • At the directed time on the message, log onto zoom. Click here for zoom link or enter access information in the zoom app - Meeting ID: 928 1089 4685    Passcode: 018406 Telephone access:  1 (253) 215-8782        
  • If you need instructions on how to access zoom or how to participate via computer, smartphone, or tablet, click here
  • Helpful hints for remote jury orientation:
    1. Change zoom display name to your name on summons (Last name, First name)
    2. Mute your device, camera on
    3. Be in a quiet place with no distractions
    4. Device is fully charged and power supply is available

Pink Summons Special Message

Special message if you have received a pink summons in the mail: You cannot complete your questionnaire online, you must mail it in and any request for postponement or excusal must be in writing.

Civil Duty

Welcome to jury duty in Snohomish County Superior Court - without citizen participation our system of democracy would simply not work. Superior Court conducts criminal felony and civil jury trials. There are also civil non-jury trials and bench trials (no jury present, judge decides). Most jury trials have 12 person juries with one-two alternate jurors; other trials utilize a six person jury.

The Superior Court also contracts with the City of Everett’s Municipal Court (located on the west side of the Courthouse) to provide jurors for their trials. Municipal Court trials typically last one day.


If the county clerk has summonsed you to appear for jury duty to serve in Snohomish County Superior Court (blue summons or sometimes pink summons), court administration’s staff coordinate and are responsible for such things as:

  • Calling jurors in by group numbers
  • Conducting orientation
  • Providing jury panels for the trials
  • Sending jurors "work certificates" for their employers

Your jury term is for one week or one trial. Many trials resolve within the week, but some go longer. You must be available for the entire week of your jury term date.

Complete Your Questionnaire

Prior to your service, if you have access to the Internet, please remember to complete the questionnaire, which is the bottom portion of your summons. You may also mail your completed form to the county clerk. If you have a pink summons, do not complete the questionnaire online, you must mail it in.

ADA Accommodations

The Americans with Disabilities Act dictates that the Court must make reasonable accommodations for those who need assistance. If you believe you will need assistance while serving, please review the ADA accommodations page and make a request.

Orange Summons

If your summons is orange, you have been summonsed to serve in District Court. Please call their message line to determine if you need to report for your term date. Each District Court has a different call-in line, so please refer to your summons for proper reporting. Everett District Court’s courtroom is located on the first floor directly past the elevators.

Remote Jury Trials

Some trials in Snohomish County Superior Court are occurring remotely. This may be in part or for the length of the trial prior to deliberations. Read the instructions located here to determine whether you will participate remotely or in-person on your first day. If you are participating in remote service, you will continue to do so until you are instructed by the judge, law clerk or jury staff to come into the courthouse. Advance instruction will be given for when you should report to the courthouse, but you should be prepared to do so at any time during your jury service. Please review the participation requirements and expectations for remote jury participation.