Reporting For Jury Duty

Report Times

Please call the jury message line at 425-388-3410 (the jury message line may not be available on Saturdays between 2:00 am and 3:00 am due to system maintenance) or view juror report instructions. Typical report-in time on your first day is no later than 8:10 a.m. Times do vary, so please use the phone or online reporting messages for exact report time each day. It is very important to be on time.

Jury Assembly Room

If your group number has been called for duty, you will be instructed to report to the Jury Assembly Room (JAR) on your first day of service.

You will enter the courthouse through the east entrance (to your right as you exit the parking garage elevators). This entrance is posted as employee and disability access, but is also used for jurors during the length of their jury service.

The JAR is located on the first floor of the Courthouse, just past security on the right side after you go through security. Often the area is roped off to guide jurors in the line. This room is available to jurors throughout the length of service. There is a refrigerator and microwave for your lunch, as well as coffee / tea / cocoa and water. The JAR has Wi-Fi access; however, there are limited outlets and table space at this time. We have magazines, and it is strongly encouraged that you bring reading material – as waiting is inevitable and unavoidable.


The county parking garage has two entrances – one is on Oakes Avenue and the other is on Pacific Avenue. Bring the ticket that you receive upon entry to the garage into the courthouse; the Court validates juror parking throughout your service.

Oversized vehicle parking (over 6’10" or higher) is limited. Please notify the parking garage at 425-388-3348 no later than 6:00 am prior to reporting for jury service to indicate your parking needs. Arrive at the Oakes Avenue entrance and follow directions from the parking attendant. Remove the Juror Badge from your juror summons to bring with you, but leave the summons on the dashboard of your vehicle. Leaving the summons on the dashboard will let the parking attendant know you are a juror who does not need to pay for parking.

Do not park on the street around the Courthouse; you will be ticketed by the City of Everett. Snohomish County Superior Court does not pay jurors’ parking tickets.