How To Read Your Property Tax Statement

The Snohomish County Treasurer’s Office sends out a property tax statement annually either by mail, or if a taxpayer has signed up for electronic billing, by email. The statement includes property tax information and is mailed mid-February. Please note that if you have arrangements with your mortgage or escrow company to pay your taxes, the Snohomish County Treasurer’s Office does not manage that relationship. Contact them to ensure timely payment. Late Payments will accrue interest and penalty as prescribed by RCW 84.56.020.

The annual tax statement is one page with 3 parts.

The top portion of your statement is your copy and contains a breakdown of the current taxes due and how they’re calculated. For more information on the breakdown of your current property tax assessment please see the Tax Distribution page. This  also contains the assessed value of your parcel and the levy rate. For questions regarding the assessed value or the levy rate please contact the Assessor’s Office by email at or call 425-388-3433.

Example of the top portion of the tax statement:

Top Portion Statement

The second portion of the tax statement is the second half payment coupon and indicates what is due for the second half property taxes, due October 31st. If at the beginning of the year the taxes for your parcel are in arrears, the summary information will state that your parcel is delinquent. Please review your account information on our payment site, which is updated daily for the current taxes due.

Example of second portion of tax statement that has no delinquencies:

Second Portion Current

Example of second portion of tax statement with delinquencies:

Second Portion Delinquent

The bottom portion of the tax statement is the first half payment coupon, which shows the first half, full year and any delinquencies due as of April 30th.

 NOTE: When there are delinquent prior year property taxes due, as illustrated below, paying in advance of or after April 30th will result in a different amount due. Please see our payment site for current amount of property taxes due.

Example of bottom portion of tax statement with no delinquencies: 

Bottom Portion Current

Example of bottom portion of tax statement with delinquencies:Bottom Portion Delinquent