2024 Comprehensive Plan Update

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Visioning: How Do You See Snohomish County in 2044?

Snohomish County is using regional and local guidance to work towards a resilient, inclusive, and vibrant future so that all residents can thrive. We’re looking for your input to create a ‘Vision’ with guiding principles to set the tone for the 2024 Comprehensive Plan. From November 1, 2021 until March 2022, we will be collecting your comments and working with you and other members of the community to draft an overarching Vision for the Comprehensive Plan.

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  • What Do You Want Snohomish County to Look Like in 2044?

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The Comprehensive Plan is a guideline for the County’s development, which plays a role in a wide variety of things that can impact you daily, from building and maintaining sidewalks, to the protection of natural areas, from ensuring there is affordable housing, to encouraging the development of local shopping options. 

The Vision statement we create will reflect the values and aspirations of the community and will guide goals and policies in the Comprehensive Plan for the 20-year planning horizon. It must be grounded in an understanding of current conditions, trends, and requirements, and align with and build from the regional vision, Vision 2050’s and Countywide Planning Policies.

Drafting a Vision is a collaborative and iterative effort between the County and the community; it is an opportunity for the entire community to consider and define what it wants Snohomish County to be in the future and how we will get there.  Once established, the Vision Statement and Guiding Principles will be referenced by each Element of the Comprehensive Plan to demonstrate how it is working toward the Vision.

Your input will be considered by the County Council as they make the final decisions concerning the policies and objectives of the Comprehensive Plan. By incorporating the hopes and desires of the public, the 2024 Update will be centered on your direct feedback and reflect the benefits that are important to you and your communities.


Snohomish County is planning for a resilient, vibrant, and inclusive future. One of the main ways the county can plan for this future is through periodic updates to its Comprehensive Plan.

The Comprehensive Plan (the "Plan") is a document that guides Snohomish County decisions on a wide range of topics and services over a 20-year time period. As the Plan acts as the blueprints for development in the county, it will impact neighborhoods, businesses, traffic, the environment, and you. The Plan is also meant to reflect the vision and priorities of Snohomish County communities and residents, while meeting requirements of state and federal law. Click here to view the current Plan.

Between now and June 2024, the Plan will go through an update (the “2024 Comprehensive Plan Update,” or “2024 Update”). When adopted, the Plan will be in effect from 2024 to 2044 with minor updates.

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Why is the Plan being updated?

Washington State’s Growth Management Act (GMA) requires that cities and counties update their Comprehensive Plans on a periodic schedule. This is an opportunity to revise population and employment growth forecasts with the most up to date data, review existing policies to ensure they make sense for the communities they serve, write new policies that reflect the priorities of the communities of Snohomish County, and confirm that all federal, state, and local requirements are met.  The next update of the county’s Comprehensive Plan is due June 30, 2024. The 2024 Update will plan for the next 20 years of population and employment growth through the year 2044.

Project Overview and Schedule

The purpose of the 2024 Update is to comply with the requirements of the GMA in RCW 36.70A.130 for Snohomish County to:

  • Plan for the next 20 years of population and employment growth
  • Review and revise the comprehensive plan and development regulations to ensure they comply with the requirements of the GMA.

The final deadline for adoption of any updates pertaining to this project is June 30, 2024.  

Project Components

Project Documents

Project Fact Sheet

2024 Update Communication Plan Executive Summary

2024 Update Communication Plan

Public Meetings and Notices

Are you interested in joining a public meeting? A calendar in the right column will appear when there are scheduled upcoming public events. If you would like the Comprehensive Plan team to give a presentation to your community, please reach out to 2024Update@snoco.org.

Snohomish County accepted comments on the scope of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the 2024 Comprehensive Plan Update between November 1, 2021 and Friday, December 3, 2021. A storymap webpage with more information about the SEPA scoping process and the 2024 Comprehensive Plan Update is available at https://bit.ly/SnoCo-SEPA-Scope. During the SEPA scoping phase, the County also hosted two virtual public meetings on November 9th and 15th via Zoom.


You can watch a recording of the November 9th meeting here and the November 15th meeting here on the Snohomish County YouTube channel. The presentation can also be viewed as a PDF here. Spanish language and Korean language recordings of the November 15th meeting are also available here and here. The polling questions asked during the scoping meetings are live at this link, although any new comments after December 3rd will be incorporated into the visioning process discussed above.

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How can I get involved?

Snohomish County wants to hear from you! The population and employment landscapes are changing as more people choose to live, work, and play in Snohomish County. Your voice will help shape the County’s future and help us understand important topics of today.  

There are several ways to be involved in the 2024 Update.