Office of Recovery and Resilience

     Working toward a swift, community-wide recovery from COVID-19

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  1. Help our Communitywide Recovery

    We need your help to meet the pandemic recovery needs of our workers, families, and small businesses and spend our $160 million federal recovery allocation. The county is hosting five recovery events where you can provide feedback on your recovery needs. Read on...
On January 20, 2020, Snohomish County became the site of the first confirmed COVID-19 case in the United States. Since then, the pandemic has been devastating to communities across our region and country. Over the last two years, small businesses have been forced to close their doors, workers have lost their jobs, and families struggle to pay rent and find affordable and safe child care.

As we head into the third year of the pandemic, we must transition from COVID-19 response to medium- and long-term economic and community recovery. Snohomish County Executive Dave Somers established the Office of Recovery & Resilience (ORR) to guide the county’s recovery work by ensuring the $160 million in federal pandemic relief the county received is administered quickly and equitably. 

Snohomish County will focus on three key areas for recovery investments:

  • Housing, homelessness and behavioral health supports
  • Economic recovery for businesses, tourism, & workers
  • Youth, family, & senior supports including child care, food assistance, & case navigation 
Below you can find available resources to help you, your businesses, and your family recover from the lasting economic and social effects of the pandemic.

Resources for Businesses and Tourism

    1.Access to Capital 

         Small Business Administration (

    2.Finding & Training Talent 


    3.Growing Your Business: Advising, Mentorship, & Research 

         Business Advising in Snohomish County ( 

    4.Information & Best Practices 

         Economic Alliance Snohomish County ( 

    5.Starting Your Business: Access to Lenders 

         Greater Seattle | SCORE

Resources for Residents and Workers 

    1.Rent Assistance

          Emergency Rental Assistance | Snohomish County Coronavirus Response (

    2.Utility Assistance

          Energy Assistance | Snohomish County, WA - Official Website ( 

    3.Food Assistance 

          Our Food Bank Members | snoco-coalition ( 

    4.Child Care 

          Families - Child Care Aware WA 

    5.Snohomish County Government Jobs 

          Career Information | Snohomish County, WA - Official Website ( 

    6.Employment Opportunities 


    7.Internet Affordability Assistance 

Public Health Resources

    1.Find a COVID-19 Vaccine or Booster 

         How to Get Your Shot | Snohomish Health District, WA ( 

    2.Find a COVID-19 Test 

         COVID Testing Information | Snohomish Health District, WA ( 

    3.Access to All Immunizations 

          Immunizations | Snohomish Health District, WA ( 

    4.Health Insurance 

          Apple Health (Medicaid) coverage | Washington State Health Care Authority

Come in were open

The pandemic has taken an immense toll on our small business community, and they need our support. Snohomish County and our partners at Seattle NorthCountry encourage you to support our Snohomish County businesses all year long! You can also follow @seattlenorthcountry on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates and ideas.

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  1. Executive Somers Announces Countywide Engagement Plan for Federal Recovery Investments

    Executive Dave Somers today announced that the Office of Recovery & Resilience (ORR) and partners are launching a countywide engagement effort to guide investment strategies for the county’s $160 million American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) allocation... Read on...
  2. $5 Million In Pandemic Recovery Investments to Support Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, and Tourism

    Snohomish County Executive Dave Somers today announced $5.2 million in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) investments to support pandemic recovery efforts for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and tourism... Read on...
  3. Executive Somers Appoints Kara Main-Hester to Serve as Chief Recovery and Resilience Officer for Sn

    Executive Dave Somers has appointed Kara Main-Hester, Ph.D., to serve as the Chief Recovery and Resilience Officer for Snohomish County. Main-Hester currently serves as the Deputy Director of the Snohomish County Office of Recovery and Resilience (ORR)... Read on...
  4. Snohomish County Authorizes Affordable Housing Effort

    The Snohomish County Council today authorized using the authority granted in HB 1590 to increase the stock of affordable housing in Snohomish County... Read on...
  5. Snohomish County Future Workforce Alliance Unveils Innovative Workforce Strategy

    Snohomish County Future Workforce Alliance unveiled an innovative Workforce Strategy, a culmination of months of work with experts, businesses, and community leaders to anchor its efforts to become the gold standard in workforce development in the nation Read on...

Questions or Ideas?

The Office of Recovery & Resilience wants to hear from you! Reach out to with your questions, ideas, and needs for Snohomish County’s pandemic recovery. You can also call Snohomish County’s main line at (425) 388-3411 for assistance