How to determine whether argument is requested for your hearing (telephonic/remote appearance) 

To find out if oral argument is requested for a Domestic Motions, Commissioner’s Civil Motions, GAL Compliance, Guardianship or Probate calendar, please review the posted calendar for the day of your hearing.  These calendars will be updated at 5:30 p.m. two weekdays prior to the hearing.  Directions on calendar use below.

MONDAY                   TUESDAY                    WEDNESDAY                   THURSDAY                    FRIDAY

Because this system is automated, these calendars will always run and post two weekdays prior to the calendar, despite confirmation deadlines changing to accommodate holidays.  

Parties can still view in Odyssey Portal if oral argument is requested for their hearing.  However, using the daily calendar will provide the necessary information regarding the session name and courtroom (if needed for domestic motions) to connect to the accurate Zoom link information.

DO NOT USE Calendars for:
Domestic Violence & Anti-Harassment Calendars, Interpreter Calendars, State Support Calendars, and Minor Guardianship Calendars are all WITH oral argument.  Proceed directly to Telephonic/Remote appearances.

Pro Se Dissolutions and Attorney Agreed Dissolutions are all WITHOUT oral argument.  Matters will be decided on the pleadings.

Judge’s Civil Motions Calendar:
The posted calendars do not include Judge’s Civil Motions hearings. Parties should check the Judge Civil Motions page for more information on these hearings. 

How to use the calendars:
  1. Confirm the date at the top of the calendar. 
  2. Scroll through the calendar to find your hearing. Some cases are confidential, and names do not appear.  If you do not see your name, look again, by checking your case number. 
  3. If “ORAL ARGUMENT REQUESTED” is listed for your hearing, please plan to appear remotely (see Telephonic/Remote appearances).  Parties should take note of the name of the session and if a Domestic Motion Calendar, the courtroom number listed at the top of the page to find the correct connection information for their hearing.  
If ORAL ARGUMENT REQUESTED is NOT noted for your matter (for Domestic Motions, Commissioners Civil Motions, GAL Compliance and Guardianship/Probate Calendar only), then the Commissioner will make a decision based on the filed pleadings. Find out how to access filed decisions here.
 photo showing calendar page