Super Voter

What’s a Super Voter?

Super Voters know there’s more to voting than just filling out a ballot. By knowing important election dates, and taking advantage of the tools and resources available to voters in Washington State, Super Voters are active participants in every step of the voting process. Complete the tasks below, collect all five badges and you too can become a Super Voter!

Registration Badge 6 Opens in new window

Check your voter registration information

Super Voters update their voter information! If you’ve moved, changed your last name or just arrived in the county, make sure you update your registration.

Update your information | Collect your badge: Facebook  JPG

Read My Voters Guide 6

Read your voters’ guide

Super Voters read the voters’ guide! Your voters’ guide is a great place to get information on candidates and issues that appear on your ballot.

Read your voters’ guide here | Collect your badge: Facebook  JPG

Voted and Signed Ballot 6 Opens in new window

Vote and sign your ballot envelope

Voting by mail in Washington State is easy. Super Voters know that following ballot instructions and signing their ballot envelope ensures their vote is counted.

How to complete your ballot | Collect your badge: Facebook  JPG

Mail Early Badge 6 Opens in new window

Return your ballot early

Super Voters return their ballot early! Drop your ballot into the mail or at one of our ballot drop box locations before Election Day.

Find your nearest drop box | Collect your badge: Facebook  JPG

Tracked My Ballot Badge 6

Track your ballot status

Super Voters track their ballot to ensure Snohomish County Elections received it. Follow the path of your ballot up to being counted!  

Track your ballot status | Collect your badge: Facebook  JPG

Congratulations, you are a Super Voter! Let the world know!

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