See What's on the Ballot

Your voters’ guide is the best place to get information on the candidates and measures that appear on your ballot. The voters’ guide lets candidates tell you who they are and what they stand for. Bond and levy measures in the voters’ guide include explanatory statements of the measure as well as pro and con statements. The voters' guide is available in both digital (Online Voters' Guide) and printed (Local Voters' Pamphlet) formats. 

Online Voters’ Guide (VoteWA)

Contains only the candidates and issues on your ballot. Once you log in, click on the "Voters’ Guide" tab on the left of your screen. 

Local Voters' Pamphlet (Coming Soon)

Includes information on candidates and/or measures that will be voted on in Snohomish County. The LVP is mailed one-to-every-household for primary and general elections and either as an insert with the ballot or directly to households for special elections, depending on size of the election.

Sample Ballot (Coming Soon)

Contains all the candidates and/or measures that will be voted on in Snohomish County. The sample ballot may look different from the official ballot you receive in the mail, which has only the candidates and/or measures you are eligible to vote on.

Voting on Ballot Measures

When a levy/bond passes, the impact on the services your community receives and the taxes you may pay depends greatly on your unique situation. For the information on proposed uses for funding measures, see your voters’ guide or reach out to your district representative. You can find your elected officials on

Resolutions received for the August 1, 2023 Primary:

City of Mukilteo Proposition No. 1 (PDF)

Fire District 4 Proposition No. 1 (PDF)

Fire District 10 Proposition No. 1 (PDF)

Fire District 21 Proposition No. 1 (PDF)  

Fire District 24 Proposition No. 1 (PDF)  

Fire District 26 Proposition No. 1 (PDF)  
Marysville Fire District RFA Proposition No. 1 (PDF)  

North County Regional Fire Authority Proposition No. 1 (PDF)  

For information on how your current property taxes are distributed, please visit the Snohomish County Assessor’s website.

Voting for Candidates 

In each race in the Primary or General Election, you may vote for any one candidate listed. You are not required to vote on every race. Votes for the races you choose to participate in will still be counted. 

Candidates for partisan offices may state a political party they prefer. A candidate’s preference does not imply endorsement or approval from that party.