Run for Office

To become a candidate on the ballot, you must:

  • be a registered voter in the district
  • meet the qualifications for the office at the time of filing
  • follow the steps below

Steps to Become a Candidate 

1. Choose an Open Office 

Open Offices for 2022 will available in March

You can learn more about these positions in the 2021 Candidate Guide

Candidates may file for only one office. Exception: Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) candidates may file for one additional office. 

2. File for Office (May 16-20, 2022)

Filing will be open from 9 a.m. May 16 to 4 p.m. (5 p.m. in person) May 20. 

Candidate that file with Snohomish County may file:

Statewide and multi-county offices file with the Secretary of State's office

Candidate filings are processed during business hours. Once your candidacy has been approved, you will be on the ballot unless a Withdrawal of Candidacy form is received by 5 p.m. Monday, May 23.

3. Declare Your Candidacy with the PDC (within two weeks of starting campaign)

Once you publicly announce your candidacy or organize a campaign committee, you have two weeks to make a formal declaration of candidacy with the Public Disclosure Commission (PDC)

4. Submit Your Candidate Statement

Let voters know about you and your qualifications by submitting a candidate statement and photo to be published in the local voters' pamphlet. A submission link will be sent via email once your filing has been approved. Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) candidates do not submit candidate statements or photos. 

See the 2021 Candidate Guide for information about submission requirements.

  1. Candidate Workshops
  2. Forms & Resources

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